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Quality Assurance




The Baker’s Cottage Sdn Bhd as a confectionery manufacturer, shall always conform to the Malaysian Halal Standards MS1500:2009 in producing its every product to ensure the food produced is halal, clean and pure for the consumption of all. The integrity of the process starts from the control of the raw materials to manufacturing, packing, storing and distributing of the products so that it is safe and nutritious to eat. The Baker’s Cottage Sdn Bhd also ensures that products manufactured for the Group either made locally or imported conforms to Halal standards of the country of origin.




  • Ensure the conformance of the Halal policy by the company for the production and marketing of every product.
  • Apply and obtain the Halal Certificate for each product
  • Provide training and information to the staff pertaining to concept and requirement of Halal
  • Assist the Research & Development Division in producing new products that is Halal




THE BAKER’S COTTAGE SDN. BHD as a confectionery manufacturer,

  • Is committed to provide quality and safe products that consistently satisfy customer requirements and conforms with Statutory and Regulatory requirements.
  • The Food Quality and Safety Management System Policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and under regular review and audit for continual improvement and suitability on the effectiveness of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP.
  • Has established the Quality and Food Safety objectives which are regularly monitored and reviewed during Management Review.
  • Communicating relevant Quality and Food Safety information and requirements to all internal and external parties.