The History of Hunan Lotus Paste:

The Baker’s Cottage mooncake lotus paste is made from the highest quality lotus seed from Hunan.

Located in the south central part of the Chinese mainland, Hunan has long been known for its natural beauty. Hunan is surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes. Hunan's mixture of mountains and water makes it among the most beautiful provinces in China. For thousands of years, Hunan has been a major center of Chinese agriculture, growing rice, tea and lotus seed.

Besides its fertile land amidst lakes and rivers Hunan has a humid, subtropical climate which is perfect for the cultivation of Lotus Seed.

In order to ensure the highest production quality, Lotus seeds harvested will go through thorough cleaning and grading process, sifting of impurities, removing of inner part of the seed, husking and other series of processing stages in order to produce the most desirable Hunan Lotus Seed.

As the results of such stringent process, the pure and appealing moist appearance for each lotus seed has been produced, maintaining the natural flavour and aroma with high nutrition value.

It is believed that among the benefits of consuming Hunan’s Lotus seed include restoring health, vitality, improving respiratory system, maintain youthful skin appearance and strengthening body immune system.

As such, Lotus paste made from Hunan province is highly flavorful and full of aroma, smoother in texture, richer in taste and has higher nutritional value and promotes good health. By incorporating such benefits into our mooncake, it has created the most perfect delicacies just for you.